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We specialize in training individuals on everything they need to know before making investments into tax liens and tax deeds throughout the country. We provide the best materials and advice for safely investing into tax lien certificates.  We have helped countless students safely make investments into tax lien certificates all over the country from the comfort of their home.

If tax sales are new to you, and you have many questions, we highly suggest you sign up for our FREE Tax Lien Video Training Series.  We will explain everything you need to know to start making informed decisions when it comes to investing into tax lien certificates.

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Real People. Real Results.

What if you could get fixed rates of returns of 8% to 36% interest per year on your money mandated by law! You can through a little known investment strategy.

All across this great country of ours millions of people are struggling to pay their bills on time, including their property taxes. The counties desperately need this money to provide vital services like schools, police, roads, fire department etc.

When someone fails to pay their property taxes a county will issue a tax lien certificate (TLC), which is an obligation to pay a tax before other debts are paid. The TLC is a first position lien that spells out what the interest and penalties the taxpayer must add to their delinquent property taxes to fulfill their obligation, and to whom they must pay them.

An investor can purchase these tax liens and earn fixed rates of returns of 8% to 36% interest per year depending on which county you’re investing in.

At this point you are likely asking, “What’s the catch?” And I have to admit that there is one:) There is a chance that you could end up owning the property free and clear of all liens and encumbrances after paying any delinquent property taxes, penalties and for the foreclosure process.  You would own it for pennies on the dollar, because you would not be liable for the mortgage!

Let’s look at some real situations where properties were acquired through Tax Lien Certificates for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR. We want to stress these are extraordinary results and in now way represents what the average person earns.  However it is possible and these were real people just like you who made these huge profits.

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